Life in America — From the Eye of an Asian Immigrant

The differences in culture, traditions, customs, religion, and beliefs greatly impact the upbringing of an individual. What we are, how we behave, what perception we develop, and how we analyze the things around us become a part of our upbringing, and so we grow up having these values embedded in our personality. So what happens when we move to a completely different place, a country that bears a stark contrast with the atmosphere we grew living in?

Rose Hong, author of the book “American Odyssey — My Journey from Beijing to Washington,” sheds light on the prevalent issues encountered by immigrants in the West. As a first-generation immigrant herself, she entails her life’s journey in this book, giving an account of how she began her life in America with barely enough resources and how today she evolved into an accomplished American citizen as she works to inspire thousands of people. Asian Americans continue to grow rapidly in America, constituting 20 million Asians currently. She felt the need to write this book in order to address and motivate the readers to remain focused on their goals and counter every challenge with courage and willfulness. Grab a copy of this book, and enlighten yourself about the different facets of living abroad successfully.

Diverse opportunities

There is a reason why people all over the world aspire to live in America. As one thing is for certain, America is a land brimming with opportunities. The power of the platforms it has to offer is unmatched. One just needs to be focused and determined to achieve their goals. Hard work goes a long way.

Inevitable Obstacles

The challenges are doubled when you are struggling to make a mark in a country where you’re an immigrant. There is a deprivation of “belonging,” a feeling that makes you feel like a fish out of water. Not to mention the increasingly prevalent racial discrimination in the West that adds to the misery of the people.


Among the problems of language barriers, lack of socialization, uncertainties, cross-culture experiences, and difficulty in acclimatizing, and festivities distractions, one often loses focus on the goal, which made them travel all the way to a foreign land. Stay true to your career, your reason. Work hard, and excel in your profession you wish to pursue. Make the most out of this opportunity, and utilize it to the maximum.

About the Author:

Rose Hong is an inspirational personality, an aspiring author, and someone who wants to play a part in

helping people flourish. Hailing inspiration from the world around her, she felt that she had to write her

story so that it can help people with the necessary motivation that they need in order to overcome their

challenges in life. She wrote her book, “American Odyssey — My Journey from Beijing to Washington,”

to address the many problems faced by immigrants in the West and how one can adjust to an entirely

new abode.

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