Key To Bliss: Surrendering To God

Our lives are brimming with countless events, some a source of happiness and joy, whereas some tend to drown us in an ocean of darkness. With hardships, there are also reasons to be happy. One just needs to take a look around and be grateful for all the many things we’re blessed with.

However, at times, it’s easier said than done. There are moments when life becomes so complex and challenging that it’s difficult to see through the hardships we’re wrestling with. Pamela Kershaw, through her book, “My Life is Gracefully Broken”, describes how she was able to overcome every trial and tribulation with the help of God.

Establishing A Strong Faith In Him

When we firmly believe God to be the creator of everything existing on the face of the Earth, and the entire Universe, we just cannot manage to lose hope and become depressed, knowing that He is there. Watching. When we pray to Him and seek His assistance, we must focus on what we’re asking from the Being who has everything under His authority and power.

God’s Plans Are Always For The Best

God’s word is final, and His plans are for the best. We do not know what’s better for our future. Where the outcome of a situation may lead us, or how it would impact our lives. But God is Supreme. The Most Merciful, Omnipotent, and He loves His creations. If we surrender our Will to God, we would be at peace. Because our future and decisions are now in the hands of the one who possesses power over everything.

How To Surrender

You may wonder what it means to surrender one’s will to god? How to surrender to Him? The answer is simple. Life is full of choices. When one learns to forgo his desires and wishes to God’s will and desires, and allows God to take control over his life and decisions, then know that you have learned to unlock the most powerful key to a successful life. Connect yourself with Him through the Holy book, understand His verses, and know what His desires and instructions are for us, then act accordingly.

God is the most Impartial Judge. There are no injustices done to anyone in His court. Regardless of how permanent your problems seem, know that everything will be made easier for you if you have the All-Mighty by your side.

My Life is Gracefully Broken

Author’s Bio:

Pamela Kershaw is a single mother, a faithful believer, and a woman who has gone through many challenges in her life to make her son recover his health. She is a graduate of Everest Institute as a Medical Assistant in nursing. Her debut book, “My Life is Gracefully Broken”, ISBN: 1913969304 is a manifestation of her firm belief in God. She has accepted every challenge while displaying courage, steadfastness, patience, and bravery to overcome the many obstacles in her way. She owes it all to her unwavering faith in God, who guided her in every aspect of life. She recalls her heart-wrenching experiences, and how she remains resilient today in her book.

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